Exhaust pipe insulation

Exhaust insulation consists of the insulation part, which is covered in surface cladding. We insulate our exhaust systems to withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C. For special applications we can also offer insulation for higher temperatures. Fibreglass insulation is used to insulate pipes to withstand temperatures of up to 550 °C. For temperatures of up to 1300 °C we used insulation based on ceramic fibres or other materials. For special insulation we can also use micro-porous insulation material, making the insulation seven times thinner, allowing it to be used to insulate places with the minimal amount of space.

Insulation cladding is made from sheet stainless steel or aluminium, or from soft fabric with a waterproof layer. In small series insulation cladding is generally applied using riveted sheet-metal (aluminium or stainless steel) segments; for larger series it is better to press thin sheet-metal semi-finished products, which are then welded onto the pipe to form a solid insulated clad exhaust.